You’re the architect of this place. Cramped, dark, full of ghouls and ghosts - but most importantly, yours. Iterate and build on a dungeon crawler and its mechanics, adding systems and features every time you complete a level! Your choices affect what kind of level you play next. See what it’s like to complete level without health, attacking, art, or movement controls!

Once you’ve traversed the entire length of the dungeon and made your final build, test yourself against the keeper of the dungeon and finish your game!

Created for Blackthornprod Game Jam by:

Jon Khan 'Sishio' (Designer) 

Cornucanis (Programmer) 

Alexzen (Sound Designer) 

SJ Pixels (Artist)

Made withUnity


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really nice game! i love the boss fight though i can't pass it...

I really like the game! The art style is simple yet pleasing, and implementing mechanics was a bit of a difficult decision! One thing that I did see was that the movement is kinda slow and clunky (as Cotton Bull Games said). Great game overall!

Cool game! I love the concept of adding elements to the game as rewards. And good balance with making the game harder as you gain new abilities. I saw Sprazzal commented that they like the delay in using attack and dash and I think that can work if the controls are really tight but sometimes the control inputs felt clunky. I think it's because of the way the directional control inputs are mapped. Very interesting and well done!

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Things I didn't like: Music occasionally went out of sync, I experienced the same bug as @SMAEL where it skipped straight to being able to attack and dash, falling in holes felt rather punishing especially as dash gets a bit weird around walls. 

Things I liked: Dash and attacking felt really good and the difficulty of using them (partly due to the delay and long animation) made them very satisfying to learn and use correctly. Difficulty is also pretty much on point. Boss in particular was wonderful. And yeah, your art is some of the best here.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this game, great work guys!

Thanks! All of those were unfortunately due to poor time estimation on our part - we really came down to the wire on this one. 

It really does mean a lot knowing you enjoyed it, though! I think the boss is something we're all particularly proud of.


Its a really cool game, but I didnt get a choice on - attack or dash.

I chose attack, but was immediately shown a dash as well, so I had to choose both.

Didnt get past the boss, cause I was impatient. But a really cool game.

Check out mine if you have time :)

Oh! That's an unfortunate bug. Hope you had fun regardless!


Indeed, I really liked it, would you like to share how you made it ?

The philosophy behind it was to basically show how the game plays and feels with various features added or removed, and to do more with less. We managed to make an otherwise basic dungeon crawler have three different phases and nine distinct levels like this.

I'll be sure to check out your game later today. Make sure to rate ours!


It's cool ^^