Many consider the present to be a gift. For the lone knight in the cells of the castle, it's plainly a curse.

Spend your seconds wisely in this frozen shard of time as you battle through the corridors of a ruined castle in this pseudo-roguelike game, Endless Vigil! Featuring several challenging enemies, a unique time system, and a boss straight from the nightmares of your past. 

Made in four days for the Extra Credits Holiday Jam 2018, with the theme 'Present'

Tips and Instructions: This game is meant to be completed after several 'loops' (running the counter at the top out and returning back to the start). Each loop, your stats reset, but your masteries and titles do not. Masteries increase your exp gain through loops, and titles raise your base stats when you start loops. If you want to start a new loop early, you can press R at any time. If you die, you lose all of your progress.

Created By:

Art - Scott 'SJpixels' @PixelsSj

Design - Jon Khan 'Sishio'

Programming - Zach 'Cornucanis'

Audio - Alex 'Alexzen' 

Thanks for playing!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tagsextra-credits, Game Jam, Pixel Art, Roguelite


Endless Vigil 23 MB


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Hey! Liked the game and would love to try others by you. What is the best method for contacting you directly though?

We're really glad you liked the game! You can reach us by email at or on twitter at @TeamAnemoi!

Awesome. Just reached out on twitter. I am @theblurapp

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I like the combat log and the leveling system, art fits together nicely, something I ran into was this though:
Because of the imps quick movement and rather low damage its possible to just have some run next to you and grind your defense stat really quickly, making you invincible after like 2 or 3 cycles.

It's quite fun! I love the idea as much as the game loves to kill me! What determines when you level up? It seems mildly random, but I doubt you left that entirely up to chance.

If you come back to revise the game a bit, I'd suggest highlighting new messages. That would really help make it easier to know what just happened on the last turn.

Hey, thanks for playing! The level ups are determined by success in combat. You gain attack experience every time you successfully land an attack, you gain defense experience every time you successfully block an attack, and you gain speed experience every time you successfully mitigate damage. So basically you level them up by fighting enemies where you're able to flex your relevant stat! Stronger enemies give more experience, and you also gain more experience for having a higher mastery so if you get a few mastery levels you will be able to level much faster on subsequent runs.

We discussed a few ideas for decluttering the text log, but the most time efficient was to add color highlighting to "important" messages so they don't get buried. I wanted to make messages gradually get more transparent until they disappear but I didn't have time within the jam period unfortunately. It's definitely something we will be looking to improve if/when we update the game further!

Thanks for the comments!

Art is great. World is interesting. The storytelling at the side is a cool mechanic that could be used to draw us even more into the world.Think movement needs to be reduced to just key down instead of constant move. Combat needs more juice. 

This is a creative interpretation of the theme. However, the character moves so quickly that I move past my target a lot, and waste turns getting back to my destination. It might be a good idea to slow the character down a bit.

I really like reading the descriptions of the actions on the side of the screen.

Thanks for playing! We've gotten a lot of feedback about movement happening too quickly so that's definitely on our list of things to improve if/when we update the game. We didn't want to force you to "tap, tap, tap" every time you want to move, but allowing the player to hold down the button means they either move super quickly or the game looks choppy. It's hard to find a middle ground, but we'll definitely try to find a way to improve that aspect when we update the game.

Thanks again for the feedback!

Unless I'm missing something, combat with enemies takes around half your health and there's no way to heal, making it challenging to explore very far. Love the palette and style of your art though!

Hey! The version you played was a previous build that we had to enter because our webGL was bugged. The real build is up now, and that includes balance fixes that make it possible to progress through the game. If you have time, we'd love if you could give our game another shot!

Tried again. In most games I'm not a fan of auto-regenerating health, but here, where the time it takes your health to regenerate is just as important as the health itself, it works well. The game still feels very foreboding, which I enjoyed as well.