Something's gone deeply wrong.

Play as a beam firing, ball-rolling robot in this glitchy adventure made for Weekly Game Jam 64! In this game, you're tasked with navigating around a space filled with hazards using your trusty grappling function, looking for the necessary pieces to fix and reset the game world. 

We're still in the process of polish, so remember to come back later and you'll have a better experience!

Made By:

- Cornucanis (Programming)

- Alexzen (Music and SFX)

- Sishio (Design)

- Bowman (Art)

Made withUnity

Development log


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Interesting concept, amazing art and smooth gameplay. Couldn't really finish it but it was fun so far!

Ironically I think I got glitched on the walls, also I don't think I can unpause. Great game anyway!

Some things are a bit unfinished (namely, the information boxes), so here's some pointers!

- Press P to open up a menu that lists controls

-When the game glitches out, you have to go to three locations. They are to the right, above, and bottom-left of the place you spawn.

- Grappling onto a glitched tile will glitch you out and let you temporarily clip through walls.